URFAUT – Urtypes

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Project Description

Photographs, digital images or visions impressed on paper? We could define them as new daguerreotypes in the computer era. They are the Urtypes, images produced by digital photography and printed on E-Paper through a complex technique developed by the artist. The process is akin to dark room photography, the only difference being that the alchemy occurs in conditions exposed to light, utilizing wires and screens. These pictures explore the possible evolution of photographic production and fruition, but with no aim to ignore or substitute the analogue technique.
The word “Urtypes” comes from “Ur”, a prefix indicating a first, original image, and “typos”, which means “figure”: these 22 pictures refer to absolute figures, archetypes as Jung would put it, and are titled only by a number. 22, like the 22 letters of the Jewish alphabet. The archetypes evoke the differences of the human figure, and its relationship with the surrounding environment. The feminine figure has a clear predominance, it is the absolute archetype, the “great mother” for Jung. The male figure, instead, is characterized by a sense of decline, of transition, expressed by short lateral figures, in the act of moving out of the scene.


URFAUT (Mondovì- Cuneo, 1975) lives and works in Turin. His first relevant work is the cross-medial project “Uncle Bob” (1999) presented at the contemporary art event STOP AND GO. The work features a post-modern mash up of styles, genres and techniques. As Guido Guidi’s assistant from 1999 to 2003 he was involved in collaborating with Lewis Baltz and Marco Zanta’s post production. In 2005 he worked on “Imago”, a series of two triptychs made with photos taken with the first mobile phone camera, in a low definition (0.1 megapixel). This work was exhibited in 2014 in the collective exhibition Le Camere oscure in Cuneo. Hence Urfaut started exploring the realm of the digital that lead him to develop the project “Digital frames” in 2010, the first attempt in Italy of a digital photo exhibition (fotografarelenergia). In 2013 Urfaut created the blog “daily Phone Notes” where a camera-phone picture was daily shot and uploaded. With the Urtypes he created a new photographic format, a sort of new era of the digital, a “digital daguerrotype”. The Urtypes were presented in 2014 at the Galerie Foto –Forum di Bolzano.