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Project Description

Polastoria is a series of performances that take place in public spaces such as squares, bookshops and cafés over the course of festivals or during events, combining both photography and writing. The performance involves a photographer taking a polaroid picture and a writer creating a short text inspired by the image of the person portrayed and never seen before: thus the performance takes the form of a small picture, overlayed by a minimal narrative, that can be taken away by the audience. A polastoria is a wonderful and unexpected surprise. It was invented by the collective Sundays StoryteIling, a project involving photography, creative writing and translation. Polastoria is based on an exercise: writing a short story based on a photographic suggestion. It then evolved and began to involve freelance photographers, writers and translators. The polaroids are sent to the project’s website, they are selected and sent to whoever wants to participate as a writer, while a team of volunteers deals with editing, proofreading and translating the stories. Every Sunday a photo and its short story is posted. In addition to this web project, that is an important feature of the collective’s activity, since the staff is made up of artists from all over the world, the collective Sundays Storytelling organizes events, exhibitions, readings and further performances.



Sundays Storytelling is based in Messina and it is made up of Martha Micali, Lucia Foti, Gloria Di Bella, Andrea Cafarella, Giordana Restifo, Paolo Lorenzi, Federica Di Mattia, Francesca Germanà, Gaia Blandina, Alessandra Lo Duca, Cecilia Moraci, Angelika Piromalli, Marialaura Calogero, Venancio Sanchez Rodriguez, Amparo Guerrero Gerbolès, Martina Lorenzoni, Michael Rivola, Adele Samarelli, Francesco Saccà, Ketty Tirrito, Federico Leone, Arianna Adamo, Gabriele Plutino, Emiliano Martino.