Osservatorio Gibellina – Roundtrip

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Project Description

Sicily is still a land of emigration. Every year thousands of young people leave, in the direction of the North of Italy or Europe to study or work. They leave the place where they were born, rarely returning. Childhood and adolescence for them is not only a past time but also a far away place. During a short visit in the town, we asked some young emigrants of Gibellina to take us to the place in the city where they still felt attached. Exactly that first image you have when you think of an emotional space or a dear person: it is a precise image, an image that has always existed, and it still does in our minds. We asked these young people to place themselves in the frame of the portrait and to choose the background and the framing.
The images are composed and shot with them and are exhibited in the chosen locations
The young emigrants from Gibellina thus are again citizens of their city and the new town – the young town- becomes for them a place of their past, like the ruins of Gibellina were for their grandparents.
Roundtrip is a collective tale and an investigation about the social issue of migrations, about the loss of young minds that the south of Italy continues to endure. It is also a mapping of the imaginary, a sort of mnemonic archive, where the individual memories become a collective narration and a constructive element of the community. Because not only are cities made of streets, houses and their inhabitants, they are also made of memories and of the emotions such memories bring with them.



The project comes as part of Gibellina PhotoRoad by Alice Grassi and Arianna Catania