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Project Description

The tangibility of an image impressed on a physical support, that may be tactile, pigmented, oily, silver, chemical or optical is created by our brain, which, through our eyes, is able to interpret what the sun unveils.
But representing is also reinventing, reinterpreting: the brain perceives the wave length of light, that is filtered by eyes, and it reinterprets that light in its absence.
The whole Art history has needed light, or, better said, all the artistic objects need light to exist and to be exposed.
Exposition is the fundamental of photography. Exposing means photographing: in order to photograph you need to expose, in order to produce a photographic image you need to be permeable to the vision of reality. First as an observer, and then as an interpreter.
Photography keeps open those instances that temporality closes right away. And the vision contains all that comes from the eye, considered as a window to the soul.
And here are the signs of the author’s experimentation. Everything that is photography, sign of light, in a process of photographic syntax, begins with a chemical and optical principle. With a pinhole camera where an image is slowly produced, if penetrated by the light, and with chemical dilutions that synthesize the process.
A process that will never end, until light exists. A process containing an indefinite series of images that follow each other, without them knowing.


Giuseppe Sinatra was born 35 years ago in Palermo, in the South of Italy. From primary school to high school, his studies are imbued in photographic memories: his family bought him a little camera as a child, and every week he was given a 24-exposure film. As such, his youth is documented by photographs, memories of the years gone by. With a degree in Art History (specialising in History of Photography), and certified to teach in high schools, he has never stopped adding to his archive. He works as a professional photographer, but also considers himself an amateur and a lover of images – he works with his camera always in hand, researching for himself and for others. He runs the cultural space Palermofoto in Palermo, thanks to which it conducts its research and teaching, and whose “Collezione” was born.