GIULIO PISCITELLI – From there to here

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Project Description

We only see them when they arrive. We see them getting off the overloaded barges, clumped in the refugee camps or in the first aid centers, rejected by the police at the walls of Europe. They are a problem for us, a cost, a threat, or in the best of cases an object of our charity and of our pity. A million people reach Europe every year – of this huge wave of immigration Piscitelli shows us what is usually invisible to our eyes: the journey that runs through the Sahara desert, the harbors of North Africa and Turkey, the borders of Balkans, the barbwire fences surrounding the Syrian war zones, the beaches of Greece, the harbor of Lampedusa, the finisterre of Calais. These are choral and deep, almost epic images that portray of a multitude of people committed to a difficult journey; one full of obstacles, triggered by a deep necessity, by an insuppressible need to live and to move ahead. In these images the pain, the fear, the individual suffering disappear and become a mass phenomenon, a collective energy, an unstoppable and powerful historical event that reveals the pettiness of the democratic West in dealing with immigration. These images are without rhetoric, propaganda and pietism. Not a single detail is superfluous. This is photojournalism in its purest expression: it lives the facts depicted rather than merely describing them- the person telling the story is only a man amongst other men, traveling like everybody else. Reality is thus allowed to express itself with its true and unstoppable energy.


Giulio Piscitelli (Naples, 1981), graduated in Media Studies. He becomes interested in photography in 2008 while he is studying at University, and after graduating he starts working with Italian and foreign press agencies. He worked for the Parisio Photographic Archive in Naples in post production and archiving until 2010.
Some of his works have been exhibited at Villa Pignatelli, Università di Catanzaro, International Journalism Festival of Perugia, Angkor Photo Festival, Pinacoteca di Brera; Visa Pour L’Image; Hannover festival; La Maternité d’Elne; Notte della fotografia in Svizzera; Bangkok; Annenberg Space Los Angeles, War photo limited space Croatia.
His works deal mainly with current news and for the last 5 years he has been focusing on the immigration crisis in Europe. Over the past few years Piscitelli has also explored international scenarios like the golpe in Egypt, the war in Syria and Ukraine, Kosovo after independency.
His reports have been published in national and international press such as: Internazionale, New York Times, Espresso, Stern, Io donna, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, Time, La Stampa, Vrji and others.
Piscitelli lives in Naples and his work is managed by Contrasto agency.