EMMA WIESLANDER – Wish You Were Here/ Burnt

EMMA WIESLANDER – Wish You Were Here/ Burnt 2017-08-21T14:18:06+00:00

Project Description

The walls of an artist’s studio expand to create a candid pictorial landscape. Sky, sun and sea: simple elements that form an uncontaminated, perfect nature. Yet there is just a dirty floor, a wire and a lamp.
Wish you were here is a swaying illusion, a false landscape, an illusionist trick, but it is also a place of the soul, a hope for escape and evasion. Through its compositional strictness, the nature presented here seems quiet and neat; though perfection soon reveals its falseness, its deception and disorder, reminding us that what we observe is never real. Emma Wieslander leads us on an exploration of how the perception, representation and description of a landscape can interact in new ways.
It is a reflection on the contemporary world dotted by all kinds of barriers. Here the boundary is a white wall that obstructs the view and tells us about the difficulty of observing reality.
Like the sun, in Burnt, that deceives the viewer and becomes a hole through which to contemplate a sunset, one which is in fact obstructed by a dirty surface that evokes alarming atmospheres.
So complex and intriguing are the various interpretations that the observer stops and stares at the false sunsets in constant change as the visual distance decreases.
Wieslander forces us to observe, she plays with the contrast between perception and reality, she unveils false myths and tired rhetorics. It is a game that punches us in the stomach and teaches us how to look. A noble intention these days, when images vanish in but a moment, lost among millions of others.


Emma Wieslander is a Swedish artist based in the UK and Sweden.
She studied at Royal College of Art, Master in Fine Art Photography, London, and at Kent Institute of Art and Design, Ba (Hons) Photography, Rochester, UK.
Exhibitions include Mijn Vlakke Land, FoMu Antwerp (2015), On Landscape # 1, Guest Projects, London (2014), Distracted and Bewildered, Galleri Pictura, Sweden (2013), Kaunas Photo Festival, Lithuania (2012), GSK Contemporary; Art of a Changing World at the Royal Academy of Art, London (2010), Women in Art Photography, Taschen Gallery, London (2010), and deep-north – transmediale 09, Berlin (2009). Her work is included in the collection of Yinka Shonibare and has been published in BON Magazine, Photomonitor, deep north-transmediale 09 and The Collectors Guide to Emerging Art Photography. Recent awards include the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Award, SWEA London Culture Grant (2014) and Culturefund for Sweden and Finland (2015 and 2013). She is co-curator of On Landscape Project.