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Project Description

Once humankind emancipated itself from myth, it nevertheless continued to live in it, and still today it turns the memory of the Origin into a narration mediated by arts. In everyday objects, in public and private furniture, in streets and houses, in theaters and landscapes, there is a multitude of references to facts lost in time and related to ancient gods.
Lots of heroes of mythology have transcended time, have gone beyond all eras, have changed and exist in today’s consciousness.

From a philosophical point of view, some of these are close to the world of photographic narration, but the closest is the Titan Prometheus. His name means “he who foresees”, which is the attitude of those who observe reality, stop it and understand it fully beyond its appearances, being able to reveal the unspoken.
Prometheus, in classic mythology, is a god who is close to humankind: he is related to human creation and to the gift of fire, a symbol of warmth and enlightenment.

Prometheus protects the whole of humankind and he is a stimulus towards discovery and intuition: he carries humankind itself from the dark to the light of civilization.
Prometeo is a work in progress, a flow of thoughts. It is a tale of pictures moving through time and space. It is an idea without conclusion, because it is generated by the analysis of a photographic archive treated as a living matter. A cave of memory in evolution, bound to a continuous work of reinterpretation, elaboration, recycling, where no image is rejected and everything is used again in new narrative contexts. Rules do not exist anymore and pictures can become the background or a constitutive fragment of a new image, as in a primordial chaos, from where everything originates.


Dario Coletti (Rome, 1959) has been a professional photographer since the end of the 1980’s. He works with press and with Italian and international humanitarian organizations and institutions. He has always explored social themes in his work and recently he has widened the scope of his focus, concentrating on the relationship between photography and visual anthropology. He also experiments with other visual languages. Coletti is involved in teaching, he is also the coordinator of the department of Photojournalism of ISFCI in Rome. He has participated in many collective exhibitions on Italian photography, among which Unescoitalia for the Ministry of Culture. Coletti has published many photo books among which Okeanos & Hades (Postcart Roma 2011), Ispantos (Soter editrice Sassari 2006) and the documentary La scelta, uomini del buio (2007) on life in the mines of Inglesiente. He has published Il fotografo e lo sciamano (Postcart, 2013), a diary where word and image communicate.