ALESSANDRO CALABRESE – A failed Entertainement

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Project Description

© Alessandro Calabrese_A failed Entertainement

© Alessandro Calabrese_A failed Entertainement

Questioning the concept of authorship and renouncing it: 100 years after the revolutionary thesis of Marcel Duchamp, the young photographer Alessandro Calabrese explores the same themes, using the Internet as a source of inspiration.
In 1955 Walter Benjamin wrote about how photography urges the observer’s eye to search for interstices in the depicted reality where to place and understand the future: an “unconsciously elaborated” space, says Benjamin, needed to elaborate our presence in the world.
60 years later, postponed in a mass-mediatic context, this reflection applies to Calabrese’s work, which deals with a proliferation of images that seem to translate into great collective unconscious, archived in the huge virtual archive called the Internet.
The origin of the work is in a form of photography that reminds us of and that associates countless other images, randomly connected to each other. Automatism, a surrealist process, provides a connection to the virtual collective unconscious, through which the photographer loses the identity of his child-like created image, yet magically becomes the inventor of a new reality; a result of that first creation through which the future can be recognized.
Calabrese created a set of source images from which the second chapter of “A Failed Entertainment” originates from. These works have been specifically created for Gibellina PhotoRoad. “A Failed Entertainment” was selected for FOAM Talent 2015.


Alessandro Calabrese was born in Trento, a mountain city in the North of Italy, and he lives in Milan. After he degree in Landscape Architecture from IUAV in Venice, in 2012 he graduated from the Master in Photography and Visual Design at NABA, Milan. In the Fall 2012, he worked as an assistant to Hans van der Meer and carried out research for the platform “Paradox”. He participated to artist residencies in Italy and Spain. In 2015, he was invited to Fotomuseum Winthertur’s annual Pla(t)form and was shortlisted at Prix Levallois (Paris). His project Die Deutsche Punkinvasion premiered at the festival Fotopub in Novo Mesto (Slovenia) and the respective book, published by Skinnerboox, was launched at Unseen 2015.
Together with Milo Montelli, he has exhibited at Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia and at the Triennial of Photography Hamburg in 2015 e he has published the book A Drop in The Ocean – Sergio Romagnoli (Editions du Lic, 2014).
He has been selected for the Foam Talent 2015. He is represented by Viasaterna.