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Alberto Burri’s “Grande Cretto” covers the ruins of the old Gibellina and is a huge open air land art masterpiece known worldwide. It was completed in 2015, and now reaches 90.000 sq.m.
“… let’s go see where the old town was. It was about 20 km away. I was really impressed. I felt almost like crying when I had an idea: let’s compact the ruins, that are nothing less than a problem for everybody, and make an immense white concrete Cretto, as a perpetual memory of what happened.”

The old town of Poggioreale was founded in 1642 and destroyed by the 1968 earthquake. It was abandoned and a new city was built a few kilometers to the south of the original town. The old Poggioreale is a ghost town today, with the ruins of houses, the library, the school, the square, churches and the theatre still standing.

The Archaeological Park of Selinunte and Cave of Cusa is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites in the world, with its 270 hectares in Selinunte, plus other 60 hectares in Cusa. The site shows a few impressive temple structures: on the eastern hill the Zeus temple G, one of the largest temples made by the Greeks, and the Hera temple, among the purest expressions of Doric age; on the Acropolis with its Hippodamian road system, there are the Apollo temple and the D and Y temples. The archaeological site of the Cave of Cusa is 13 Km distant from Selinunte, S.P. Tre Fontane, in the territory of Campobello di Mazara (City). From these limestone quarries, extended for about 2 km, the column drums were extracted for construction of the temples in Selinunte.

Segesta was the most important of the cities founded by Elimi, a local population independent from the dominant Greek-Sicilian culture. Segesta became one of the main cities of the Mediterranean area of Hellenistic influence and in the V century it was the main rival of Selinunte. Today it is one of the most important archeological sites of Sicily. The most significant relics are the theatre on the top of Mount Barbano, the temple and the sanctuary in the Mango area.

Near the north-western tip of Sicily, south of Trapani and almost opposite Marsala, there is a laguna called the “Stagnone”, separated from the open sea to the west by an island, Isola Lunga. Situated in the centre of the laguna is the island of San Pantaleo, the Motya of Phoenician times, and two other smaller islands, Santa Maria and Scuola. The most important findings from the excavations of Motya may be seen in the Archaeological Museum of the island created by Joseph Whitaker.

The ancient Drepanon in the shape of a sickle extends towards the sea, the main source of life for the fishing activity and for the tourist-commercial port. Passing through the historic centre, one can read the signs of the various cultural stratifications, from the oldest neighborhood, Casalicchio, to the Jewish area of Giudecca, to the medieval ruins of the Castello di Terra to the Castello di Mare – or of the Colombaia. The Egadi islands and the salt pans are spectacular especially in the summer.

The Natural Reserve of saline (salt pans) of Trapani and Paceco is managed by WWF Italia Onlus. With its 916 hectares it is one of the last wetland areas of the western Sicily, with a rich local flora and fauna and with an impressive historical and cultural heritage. The saline are a perfect example of the mix between productive activities and the conservation of the local territory, between the activities involved in salt processing and the natural resources of the reserve. From Erice it is possible to admire the saline at the sunset, when they look like a huge chess board colorfully painted by the sun, a mesmerizing landscape with its windmills (industrial archaeological buildings) full of fascination.

The first information existing about Erice has it as a sacred city of the Elymians with a temple-sanctuary, a pilgrim destination dedicated to the Goddess of fertility. Punics, Greeks and Romans made Erice an important worshipping place and a reference point for sailors.
Today Erice is a touristic destination full of cobbled streets, fortifications, ancient churches, monasteries, craft shops (producing ceramics, typical pastries, rugs), pine woods and gardens with an amazing view on the Egadi Islands, the Stagnone isle, the salt pans and the cultivated fields of  the whole of the province of Trapani.

Founded by Phoenicians, Mazara city has always been a crossroad, a privileged point of cultural and commercial exchange. Multiethnicity is written in the history of this city and it is still alive today in its large Tunisian community. The numerous civil and religious buildings in the historic centre show the cultural influences that have involved the city, with many sites of interest of phoenician, ellenistic, arab and norman age, and impressive architecture dating back to the city’s great Baroque period.

Riserva Naturale of Belice River and the surrounding dunes 32 km
Castellammare del Golfo e Scopello 35 Km
Alcamo Marina 40 km
Marinella di Selinunte 40 km
Porto Palo 50km
Tre Fontane 45 km
Torretta Granitola 50 km
Mazara del Vallo 50 km
Trapani e isole Egadi 64 km
San Vito Lo Capo 80 km

Website of Sicily Region with information about area of Trapani

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