Who we are

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Gibellina PhotoRoad is a bundle of different energies, desires and skills, with creativity and competences mixed up together.
The Festival, with the project Obiettivo Creativo: young talents in Gibellina, city of photography, promotes the ability to make, think and narrate with workshops and seminars of photography and visual art. They aim to learn new languages and experiences, developing talent and inventiveness through a strong interaction with the surrounding context.

Arianna Catania project creator and artistic director
Francesca Barbano project manager
Emilia Valenza artistic co-director
Francesca Corrao academic board Fondazione Orestiadi
Enzo Fiammetta director of research
Elena Andolfi production assistant
Vera Ferreri organizational coordinator OC
Giulia Scalia director of Educational activities OC
Giulia D’Oro/ Teodora Malavenda press
Giuseppe Melia web designer

Fondazione Istituto di Alta Cultura
Orestiadi onlus
Baglio Di Stefano, Contrada Salinella,
91024 Gibellina TP
Mail: info@orestiadi.it
Tel: +39 0924 67844

Galleria X3
Via Catania, 35,
90141 Palermo
Mail: mailx3@galleriax3.org
Tel: +39 349725.5856


The Fondazione Orestiadi- Istituto di Alta Cultura of Gibellina was born in 1992 to protect and promote the town’s post-reconstruction artistic heritage. It was founded and chaired by Ludovico Corrao until 2011.
The Fondazione Orestiadi conserves one of the most important collections of contemporary art in Italy.
It currently promotes and organizes the Orestiadi of Gibellina, an annual festival of theatre, music and visual arts which has reached its 35th edition.

Galleria X3 was born in Palermo in 2010, with the aim of promoting and developing contemporary photography. Over the years it has organized a number of exhibitions, meetings, presentations, lectures, and has become a dynamic venue for the fruition and circulation of contemporary photography, contributing to an understanding of photography’s different languages, and to a knowledge of photographic work.