International Open Air Photography Festival

International Open Air Photography Festival 2017-08-21T14:17:58+00:00

Exhibitions, talk, workshop, meetings and portfolio reviews. Large format prints, projections and site-specific installations made to interact with the urban landscape.

We are in Gibellina Nuova, in Belìce Valley, a town that after the earthquake of 1968 was built into one of the largest open air contemporary art museums of the world.

Today we want Gibellina to become the “city of photography” by bringing the contemporary image into the squares and spaces designed by famous architects and artists, having the image take its place among their sculptures and artworks.

This is Gibellina PhotoRoad- International Open Air Photography Festival.

With its innumerable languages, the photography and art of «disorder» is an ambiguous medium par excellence. Since art’s inception it has been a bringer of turmoil, suspended between objectivism and documentation, abstraction and experimentation. And today more then ever, for everything is an image in this contemporary visual chaos. The image is at the heart of history.

Naturally it is Gibellina—city unusual for its birth out of an earthquake’s chaos—that asks itself about «disorder». And it does so in an “open space”, in its public places free from visual contaminations, its streets full of art and beauty. Because art and creativity mustn’t be constrained by the walls of a museum.