RUMORE PAIR- Creations / Call for an open air exhibition- winners 2016

RUMORE PAIR- Creations / Call for an open air exhibition- winners 2016 2017-08-21T14:17:52+00:00

Photography can break down those invisible walls between space and time. It can reinvent them, make them smaller and give them a new value. Photography triggers a virtuous change, an “irreversible change” open to infinite interpretations: thus photography becomes the favourite medium for a creation act.
« I do have something to say to someone else in the name of my creation» Gilles Deleuze would claim.
And creation is a source of inspiration for the duo Rumore Pair and for their project Creations: an investigation on matter and on the origin of life on Earth that starts with stones, seen as “fossiles of memory” , as well as from chaos, a desorder which originates a new balance, a dynamic and thus a vital one.
The project has been created and developped at the slopes of Gargano, in Foggia area, where Apricena tectonic fault emerges. Here a limestone is extracted from caves where some archeological finds were kepts, among which dinosaurs footprints and artefact witnessing the oldest presence of man on Earth.
Tracks that mingle in the variety of environments of the surrounding area, which become a witness of different geological eras: beaches of black, ferrous sand, thick forests and cultuvations of palms, salty lakes, salt ponds.
The project- presented for the first time at Gibellina PhotoRoad Festival and winner of the Call for an Open Air exhibition– starts from the concept of disorder as theorized by Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
The attempt is to create a new or infinite new orders, unexpected ones, breaking up the rational order of the square, which is the venue chosen for the Call for an Open Air exhibition and a source of inspiration.
Spectators will be an active part of the installation, and will actively experience the work: they are invited  to intervene on the chaotic structure initially designed by the authors so as to create a new kind of balance.
So the square becomes a discovering ground, where an empty space is made alive and full of infinite interpretations.
Creations reflects on the bonds between present and past, on stereotypes which consider photography only as a mean of representation of reality, and on the multiple potentiality of photography in creating new levels of comprehension.

Rumore Pair is a duo founded in late 2014, with Domenico D’Alessandro and Maria Palmieri. Boundary as a frame, the duo’s first work, will be awarded in Arles at Prix Levallois 2016- it will be exhibited in October 2016.
Gibellina PhotoRoad will be the first festival where we will show our second work Creations, winner of the Call for an open air exhibition 2016.

Domenico D’Alessandro, 1985, gains a master degree in photojournalism and reportage at Scuola Romana di Fotografa in Rome. His first works deal with aftermath and international migration. With Just another President, D’Alessandro is among the winners of LensCulture’s new and emerging photographers 2013. D’Alessandro has attended a workshop with Ricardo Cases and Federico Clavarino. From 2014 he is represented by Luz Agency- Milan.

Maria Palmieri, 1986, attends storytelling, self publish e modern language workshops with Cesura collective and Federico Clavarino. Her first work were focused on an intimal and non narrative representation of daily life in the province where she lives. She has worked with the philosophical journal for a workshop on “philosophy and photography”. Her last work deals, intimately, with the traumatic case of a Brazilian model.

Open Call: 12 Aprile 2016

Open call: 12th April 2016
Application Deadline: 3rd June 2016
Installation: 25th-28th July
Exhibition period: 29th July-31st August 2016